Friday, October 2, 2009


I chanced upon this bench
On a high ledge along
Red Brick Path in Botanic Gardens
overlooking old trees, some are fossils
among sunlight and birdsong
as in some enchanted garden
Sits the bench
Prof I can see your spirit sitting here
Pulling at your pipe
What wry thoughts occupy your mind
As you observe the scene ?
Will you write a satirical verse?
I dont know whether you liked nature
But your students sure picked a serene spot
If they chose this spot
they must have known your taste
Would you approve the choice ?
I belonged to their era
and perhaps part of yours
Not to this buzzing world of
IRs, F1s and Flyer Wheeels
Count myself lucky to find
this green oasis
Commemorative to your memory
Says the plaque which I discovered
as an oversight
This rustic wooden bench
but how rich
the space, light and lightness
all around
I hope this silly rhyme will not make you turn....
I was not one of your students
I knew you only by hearsay
So, I am not paying homage
just want to say thank you
for this pleasant seat
to rest my aching legs
to enjoy the brightness
and the breeze.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


You dropped with a plop
From the sill to the sink
Oh ! Snake !
What a fright ! I felt
Fear and Revulsion followed by
As I monitored your movements
For half an hour
aluminium camaflouge you
As you dance, prance on my grilles
your private stance.
Like Lawrence I threw
objects to chase you
from my Domain.
Unlike Lawrence I was glad
you came and went
with no Complexities
Good Bye ! God Bless
Little Brother