Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sleepy Hollow Holland Drive Wet Market receives an Unexpected Visitor

What a rare treat ! While walking out to the Holland Drive market one bright and sunny morning, I ran into a Hornbill resting against  a tree trunk.

Hornbills like to nest in tall trees

The Hornbill is a large  bird with a  yellow helmet like casque on top of its massive bill. This striking combination gives it an awesome  appearance. 

Amazing bird with its massive bill topped by a casque

It drew the attention of aunties and uncles out marketing, (including me) to pause and gawk and ask excitedly "kwa see me ? kwa see me?"  "Kwa jeow kwa jeow" is my jocular reply and on hindsight, hope it didn't get misinterpreted as a vulgarity !:)

Aunties and uncles crane their necks to get a better view

Shutterbugs and bird watchers   gathered with their cameras, telephoto lenses, tripods, smart phones and  binoculars to grab a picture or a view of this unexpected visitor.
Birders and Shutterbugs all agog

Waiting patiently with their long telephoto lenses 

As I had with me only a low end phone camera I could only get this not so sharp picture of the bird. Still, I can see it is peering into the hole of the tree trunk which I guess  must be the nest. Is the female bird with eggs inside ?

Is he feeding the family ..?

...to be continued when chicks are hatched and learn to fly.....

Update 1 Christmas Eve 24 Dec 2016 10.30 am

Shutterbugs are still staking out at Holland Drive

According to the market talk the male hornbill comes every few hours to feed the female (who is sitting in the hole hatching the eggs) I was not lucky enough to catch sight of it during my visit. Nevertheless, thank you Hornbill for bringing joy and wonder this Christmas 2016 to the elderly uncles and aunties in this sleepy community of Holland Drive.

Holland Drive Wet Market
thank you Hornbill

...to be Updated....
Update 2 Jan 17 2017  Morning....
Sad ! No sign of the bird on my market visits since I last saw it in Dec. Heng managed to catch a brief glimpse a few days ago with this rather hazy picture as it was late afternoon.
Bird is still around.

.......Hopefully there will be more dramatic updates when baby birds learn to fly......
Final Update March 3rd 2017
Well I guess its chapter close and good bye Hornbill as I have no more sightings of it on my regular visits to the market and all the shutterbugs and bird watchers have disappeared too.
One final word, the bird was highlighted in ST Feb 27 as shown in picture below:
Straits Times Feb 27 picture

Thursday, January 5, 2017

My Haiku Page

Breeze ripples
Boughs bow and sigh
Coolness !
Falling leaves:
a gust of wind showers the ground
gold at my feet
Visitor @ my window
wings folded, hanging upside down
a little bat.
Dec 31st 2007:
sunny & breezy, foliage rustling
in Botanic Gardens
Dec storms:
water down soaking walls
drip, drip, drip

Boom City:
a forest of cranes gouging the earth
scarring my homeland


Jan drizzles:
on the leaves the crystals


Enright's bench:
sits among tall trees and birdsong
on a sunlit knoll



bike ride to the village
amidst raindrops and breeze
the trees raced


Deprung Monastery:
temple bells reverberate on cold crags
all around


In the park
crystals shimmer on the leaves
freshness there


Bike ride to the village
chickens in bamboo coops chug by
to some market


Rejection is
a cat without shelter
in the rain


Boredom is
a long afternoon
in an empty house


Fear is
encountering that figure in the dark
brandishing a knife


Loneliness is
a brown parched leaf
on a pavement


Happiness is
a breeze in the Park
on a hot day


Incoming tide:
a blue soft crepe of folds
rolls landwards


After rains
olive sunbirds on my willows
begin to whistle


Waves on rocks beat
along the shoreline foams splutter
water fountains


SNEC treatment
patients with eyes dilated sit and wait like
patience upon a monument.


40 years on
I finally made my way
to Angkor


Sitting still:
a white crested thrush above and I below
in Kent Ridge Woods


Agony is
lying on the stretcher waiting your turn
to undergo the knife


Lifestyle choice:
an old couple living in an old house
full of old stuff