Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Grandmother's art

..... or should I, like Sticker Lady of my grandfather road fame/infamy, say

 my grandmother art :)

This patchwork blanket hand stitched by my grandmother has been in my possession since I was a babe in arms. I think it was the practice of that generation to gift the new born with something handmade.

Patchwork blanket

Such a labor of love made the blanket precious and I don't think I could have used it that often as it has survived many decades and is still in pristine condition.

Colours are still bright and vivid


I love the well matched and contrasted squares and each little square presents a miniature  picture. Note the painstakingly neat stitches too.



 As I am getting on in years, it seemed such a waste to keep it locked up in a drawer.  I took it out this CNY to brighten up the house.

On display for CNY

 So glad that grandma in her age and time had this creative outlet to work on and need not like today's graffiti artist expend energy on walls and roads.
For more of my grandma's art and craft see link Sayloh's Treasures

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