Monday, April 17, 2017

Sixth Avenue Woods

Stopping by woods on a December morning.....

tranquil path through the woods
....the woods are lovely dark and deep.....

I have lived here for more than 40 years and yet this is my  first  attempt to explore  the green woods right behind my backyard. For this privilege I have to thank the authorities, whoever they be, that built this tranquil path for us to walk through.

 The Path meaders along a shady route ending at the newly opened Green Leaf View Playground and serves as a shortcut between Sixth Avenue and Greenleaf Estate residents. It is one of the so called "desired paths" in the vicinity.

The Playground
Facilities at the Playground

Starting from Sixth Avenue, the Path runs on a paved track  flanked by greenery and trees and there are many surprising encounters   enroute -- picturesque houses overlooking green meadows with running stream, a family of wild roosters and tiny flowers patterned with raindrops are some of the refreshing sights I  spotted.

Houses "green to the very door"

More communion with Nature along the way as recorded  below

Above left a family of wild roosters
Below left a clump of blossoms on palm tree
Right Rain splattered purple petals and enlargement below

Raindrops on purple petals
 Although  not jam packed  the Path is  well used, with a constant stream of  walkers, joggers, skateboarders, short cutters, cyclists, helpers, prams,  dogs frequenting this desired Path all day long sometimes into the early evenings.
                                          The well used Path

The Playground and the Path are a bonus for the community and  I feel churlish to be complaining but if there is one tiny improvement I wish for this green haven, it is that dogs be disallowed from roaming so freely at the Playground or along the lovely wooded Path. Indeed there is a mild notice up on the Playground (but none on the Path) that dogs must be on leash.
Notice on Playground only

However I myself have witnessed countless times, dogs wandering unleashed and even playing catch the ball with their minders, or racing down the Path as shown in video below.
Should dogs be allowed to roam free ??

Not that I want to be a party pooper,  but as a courtesy to young children and elderly folk, dogs who traipse this Path, and they number no less than human traffic ( no kidding) my feeling is they should be leashed. Hope I will not be castigated as a dog hater or misocyny, (I just learned this word)  for raising this issue,  because dog hater I am not, having gone the extra mile not so long ago to feed  abandoned dogs that came to my fence.
We fed these dogs that came to our fence

The dogs pictured above were eventually caught (hope its not for culling) by  animal activists who considered leaving them in the wild to beg for food was too cruel a fate, but that, is another story.

 To get back to our green haven, come rambutan and durian season there will be more  activities to celebrate.  And I have yet to shoot and toast the birds, butterflies, insects and a neighbor has been telling me there is a family of monkeys inhabiting the long live the Woods and Wilderness!
Long Live Woods and Wilderness !

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